African Watusi

The photo was taken in 1998 or thereabouts within the Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda. At that time there were many such beautiful herds but they are increasingly rare outside the ranches of the Bahima elite. The majority are unable to continue to keep such herds because they are settled on small plots of land, with limited water and need to earn revenue for school fees and such like from milk. The majority are therefore cross breeding with exotic breeds to increase milk and meat production.

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Bidding continues….

The bidding continues on our centerpiece ad of our promotional TShirts.  The bid has been raised once again and is presently at $350.00.  The bidding will continue until June 15 which is the final deadline and ALSO  the deadline to reserve one of the dozen ads circling the centerpiece is June 15.

Contact Robin at the WWA Registry office to submit or raise your bid and to submit your camera ready ad copy.

More Spring Fling

We had active participation in our Spring Fling for dinner and our fun auction.  We were thrilled to actually meet our Registrar, Robin Hancock and her husband.  We had several newer members there such as The Deline family from Michigan and the Edward’s family from Oklahoma.  A good time was had by all and as always we enjoyed the great food from Nolands Catering.  We want once again to thank the Comfort Inn in Macon from donating the meeting room it was greatly appreciated.

New events

There are several new events to report on as a result of our Spring Fling at Macon and our most recent meeting of the Board of Directors.

Fund raising is a constant and necessary to all organizations and is particularly urgent for small groups such as ours.  We held a very successful ‘Fun Auction’ at our get together  bringing in  close to $2000.00.  This is a great boost to our bottom line but the more the better.

The Board of Director’s has decided to produce a new T-Shirt which will include advertising from our members or other enthusiasts.  The back of the shirt will include a large center ad surrounded by 12 small approximately business card size ads with a brand or logo and one line of text.

FROM THE OFFICE:  WWA is taking bids on a picture of an animal with two line text to go on the back of new t-shirts.  These bids will begin at $205. Also, there will be approximately 12 ads/ brands with one line text sold for $30 a piece to go around the picture on the back of the t-shirt. 

Bids for the picture have to turned in to Robin Hancock, Registrar, by June 15.  Ads/Brands Graphics have to be e-mailed to Robin by July 1.  T-shirts will cost $15, $12 for hats and $10 for bag.  Robin’s e-mail address is  and the phone number is 254-797-3032

Please help us get the word around and tell your family, friends and neighbors as they do not have to be a WWA member to put an ad/brand on the back of the shirt.

Now let’s get these bids rolling to have your animal on this t-shirt as only one will go on the t-shirt back.  Also, place your ads/brands on these new t-shirts.  Space will be limited.  While you are doing this, remember to order your t-shirts for yourself, workers, family, friends and for gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. 

Thanks for your quick responses to Robin.

Pam Jackson




Spring Fling

Spring is finally here, at least for most of us.   In celebration the World Watusi Association is sponsoring our annual ‘Spring Fling’  in conjunction with the Lolli Bros. Exotic Animal Sale ( in Macon, Missouri.  This get-together will be held at the Comfort Inn at 7:00pm on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.  All are welcome.  Come for the great food, the conversation, the stories (true and exaggerated) with fellow watusi enthusiasts.  As part of our gathering we will once again hold our ‘fun auction’ of donated items, the proceeds of which go directly to the Association.  Bring your wallet, grease your arm so that it can be raised quickly and often…bring a donation if you can.  We never know exactly what will be available but the items that we are already aware of include a Western Belt and spice mix donated by Flint Feed, of Steelville, Missouri;  a 2 gallon sprayer donated by Meeks Lumber Company; a tanned alligator hide sent by Don Morgan, Florida; a 50 pound bag of minerals donated by D&D Feed of Nixa, Missouri;  an original art display made by Missouri Artist Bill Langley (photo attached) we can accept proxy bids if you can not attend; a hand carved set of ebony wood figural African candlesticks  and molded watusi bull figurine from Liar’s Lake, Missouri;  plush stuffed watusi from Judd Watusi, Kentucky; a candle from Cowboy Corral, Spokane, Missouri; a jug of cattle wormer donated by Nixa Hardware, Nixa, Missouri; 2 gallons of cattle spray from Tractor Supply and more items to come.

bills artOriginal art piece up for bids.

IMG_7523Handcarved candlesticks from Africa

IMG_7522Molded Watusi bull figurine