More Watusi History

Recently Darol Dickinson and Maureen Neidhardt exchanged some information on Facebook about the history of the WWA and Watusi cattle.  We are reposting this here to share with others interested in Watusi Cattle.

Yearling heifer class as the Colorado State Fair 1983.
Yearling heifer class as the Colorado State Fair 1983.

In the early days of WWA everyone was encouraged to do the Watusi breed up program, mostly with Watusi bulls bred to Texas Longhorn cows. People raised half Watusi, then 3/4, then on up to a high percent Watusi. This created the greatest boom in the Watusi industry. In 1979 when we bought 15 Watusi from Rare Animal Survival Center in Ocala, FL, it was thought there were less than 50 original bloodline Watusi in North America. Many of these were owned by zoos. Nelson Rockefeller and I both bought cattle from RASC about the same time. He got 3 cows and a bull. The rest were in zoos.

For a good number of people to participate in the Watusi breed, like all imported breeds, a breed-up program was promoted by WWA. Genetically, once a pure breed is bred up to a 7/8 or better the DNA result is almost exactly the same as the 100% genetics. In the case of the Watusi, there was so much original inbreeding, many feel the high percentage cattle are more defect free, with possibly more fertility and milk production than the 100% stock.

This photo was taken at the Colorado State fair of half Watusi yearling heifers at the show. It was the largest class of Watusi ever. Very few cattle breeds have every had a show class with this many entries. Notice the size of the crowd.The breed up program brought a lot of people into the WWA. ~~ Facebook, Darol Dickinson

That was a fun time in 1983!!! Don Shadow of Winchester, TN is judging. My husband Marlin is riding Don Zavislan’s Appaloosa gelding and hazing the class of 54 head!! Our first, and favorite heifer, “Sanga” won the class…she was big and an outstanding individual!! (Head up, center back) I have the winners plaque to prove it!

The percentage breed-up was a good program that was never handled or given the regard that the founding fathers intended it to have. ~~ Facebook, Maureen Neidhardt

It is amazing to me that there are 31/32 and 63/64 registered Watusi and yet WWA leaders down play the WWA breed up results. People with assumed 100% WWA cattle call prospective breeders and scold them for even thinking of using anything from the high percentage families. That is unethical!! ~ Darol Dickinson

New contact information

The World Watusi Association has been utilizing the services of the International Texas Longhorn Association in Glen Rose, Texas for our business office and registration work. Although we have been very pleased with the professional handling provided by the ITLA, computer programing changes have made it more viable for us to move our office. The good news is that the Registrar that you are all familiar with, Robin Hancock, has agreed to continue to provide us with her able assistance.

Please visit our contact page for the most up-to-date contact information.

Rare Offer: Proven Herdsire

Bar_G_KulowA very rare opportunity is being offer by Duane and Kolene Gilbert of Castle Dale, Utah. They are reluctantly offering their current herdsire Bar G Kulow for sale. We all know that the time comes to outcross your females so here is the rare opportunity of obtain a proven herdsire with award winning, high selling offspring on the ground right now.

Kulow was sired by the well known TW Booger, who was by TS Cody and out of HA Buelah. His dam was BWS Miss Stella who was by JCS Lonestar and out of ENE Lovely Lady. This combination of bloodlines produces lots of color and horn.

The following photos are of two of the wonderful offspring that this bull has produced.

Bar G Funny Face Bar GSahara

Kulow is being offered for $20,000.00.

Duane & Kolene Gilbert
Bar G Ranch

Health problems

We wanted to keep everyone advised that our group is experiencing some serious health problems.  Both Angie Base (wife of our President Vernon) and Pam Jackson (wife of our Vice President, Richard and herself our Association Secretary), are fighting some serious health issues.  We want to wish them both well and let them know that they are in all of our thoughts.

A little piece of history from Darol Dickinson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

This is the first Full Watusi embryo Transplant born in North America.  It was 1980. Sire was Jimmy the Swede and the dam was a Rare Animal Survival cow.  Me on the left and embryologist Za Johnson on the right. This was at our lab at Calhan, Colorado.  This calf came at great cost in the early days of embryo transfer.  There were only a few.

Updates from the WWA

Well as the Holdiay season races forward we are all probably knee deep in preparations for the coming events.  We just wanted to update and remind our members of a few items.  Remember that our memberships run from January through December.  If you have not done so you might take this time to send your renewal into the office in Texas before you forget.

We want to welcome our newly elected Board Member, Derrick Passey of Raymond, Alberta,  Canada.  We will be introducing Derrick here at with a farm focus feature in the next few weeks.  We have posted multiple of his charming photos over the past few years here on the website.  You can search through the posts to see them.

The World Watusi Association would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our members and enthusiasts.  Keep warm and safe.


Trip to Florida

One of our newer members is Don Morgan, Keystone Heights,  Florida.   Recently he took delivery of a shipment of animals from various farms, Heiken’s Ark, Des Moines, Iowa; Matt Moffat, Piedmont, OK; Black Walnut Springs, Highlandville, MO; Barry Retchloff, Rogersville, MO and Liar’s Lake, Sparta, MO.  Don has shared some photos of his beautiful animals with us.    CLICK THE PHOTOS TO MAKE THEM LARGER. 

WWA members Don Morgan and Joy Rider petting Don’s herdsire, BWS Popeye. DH Lightening and her 2012 heifer in background.

Does not know he is cattle…

WWA member Joy Rider of Black Walnut Springs farm in Highlandville, Missouri submitted this photo with the following caption:  “BWS Holy Cody is a 2011 model (by Sarah Serendipity and TW Booger).  This is the little guy I brought to your place at just a few days old that Dianna Rickard used in her petting zoo that season.  He’ll be one of my young herd sires for the 2014 breeding season IF we can convince him he’s a watusi.” This great young prospect has already been to five Watusi farms, Black Walnut Springs two times, Fantasy Corral in Woodville, Wisconsin, Matt Moffat of Piedmont, Oklahoma and Liar’s Lake in Sparta, Missouri and now Joy expects him to go to work.


Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody
Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody