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Bar G Kato
Bar G Kato

I hope this email finds everyone well.  I’ve owned my bull “Bar G Kato” for 1.5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed him.  I’m down to only 2 breeding cows, I’m going to sell one of those soon (BWS Miss Tuli), and I have a lot of young heifers.  So now that blood tests have confirmed both of my big cows are bred, I have decided to sell my big bull and let my heifers grow up and use a young bull.  I have attached a couple recent pictures of Kato, his pedigree, and a few of the calves he’s had so far.  Duane Gilbert owns a 2015 son out of Kato, I own a 2016 son, and Pat Burnett has quite a few 2016 calves out of him this year after leasing Kato from me last year.  Kato not only looks great, he produces great too.  He’s ready to work your cows now to bring color and horn to your offspring.

He’s a registered Foundation Pure Watusi Bull, the pictures of him were taken 10-11-16, his DOB is 8-25-11.  His sire “Bar G Kulow” is a very successful Watusi bull owned by Duane Gilbert (Bar G) in Utah. His Dam “Dixie Star” is a full sister to the famous TW Bwana who produced outstanding offspring over the years.  Bar G Kato has bred everything in my pasture so I’m going to offer him for sale for $7,000.  He’s proven and makes colorful babies.  He’s slow moving and will eat out of my hand but he can still act “bully” occasionally.  Located in Bullard, Tx just south of Tyler, Tx but delivery is available and negotiable.  I travel all across the US so don’t feel that you’re too far away.  Please email or call with any questions and be sure to check out my website.    Thanks for your time!  Will Ross (903) 987-1399 or email





2016 – 2017 Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the results of our election for the Board of Director’s for the 2016 through 2017 year.  We are excited to welcome two new members to our Board, Sheri Gurr of Roosevelt, Utah and Matt Moffatt of Piedmont, Oklahoma.  Pat Burnett was reelected for another three year term.  We are all excited to start another year and look forward to further supporting our little association and these wonderful cattle.

In addition to the general election we have elected a new slate of officers for the 2016-2017 year.  Our new (re-elected) President is Pat Burnett of Wills Point, Texas; our new Vice President is Garett Judd of Edmonton, Kentucky; our new (re-elected) Secretary is Pam Jackson of Water Valley, Kentucky and our new Treasurer is Sheri Gurr of Roosevelt, Utah.

We want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our outgoing board member, Richard Jackson who has been an invaluable member of this association and board for many, many years.     We would also like to thank Joy Rider for serving as our Treasurer for the past few years.  We know our association will continue to depend on both of these valuable members for years to come

Another sad loss….

I hate to be the bearer of sad news, but we have lost our beloved Dick Heiken of Heiken’s Ark in Des Moines, Iowa.  Dick and Kathy has been mainstays in our little association for longer than they would like to admit.  Their contribution to the breed and our association is unlimited.  Dick will be missed by anyone who ever met him.


Kathy and Dick Heiken



Registration clarification

To all members and watusi owners.  We regularly receive a number of questions regarding our registration procedures and rules.  A complete copy of our rules is located on this website.  If you have any specific questions always feel free to contact Robin at our office or any of our board members, we promise that we will find you an answer.

One repetitive question of late has to to with our registration procedures involving undocumented animals and/or animals that have paperwork from another organization.  We have implemented a percentage female hardship program which is documented here on our website.  As to animals presented with paperwork from some other source, the World Watusi Association will recognize registration records from the AWIR (American Watusi International Registry) but at the present time no other organization.   Again if you have any questions please contact us. 


New website feature

As most of you should be aware we recently upgraded our website to include a complete listing of all Watusi registered with the World Watusi Association.  Members in good standing can access this information at any time by clicking the link at the top of the homepage at  Now we are working on our next project.

We would like to make available as many photographs as possible for these registered animals.  As you know the registration process provides for photographs to be submitted, however, these are most often taken within the first year of life of the animal.  We would request that anyone with more updated photographs of their animals submit them to us and we will place them on your animal’s pedigree page.

Simply send in the photo, give us the animal’s name and if you have it the approximate date that the photo was taken so we can determine the age.  Needless to say most of these animals change significantly from birth to death, how they are represented it up to you.  This will include all animals, alive or deceased, the more the better.

If you have any questions please contact Cindi Darling at



Burnetts Kilabu is a Foundation Pure herdsire with lots of color, size and good bloodlines.  He will be starting to add his stamp at Bar G Ranch in Castledale, Utah.

Burnett's Kilabu
Burnett’s Kilabu

BORN APRIL 17, 2009
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