Unique bull For Sale

 Young ,  colorful Native Pure Bull for sale.
River Oaks Mpuunga
River Oaks Mpuunga
 River Oaks Cattle Co., has decided to offer for sale this young bull.
Mpuuga DOB 7-24-2017. Sire : Entebbe, WWANP4793    Dam: Wood Chip, WWAFP4018.     Mpuuga is the only living grandson of Ankole #5.   This is a rare opportunity to acquire a young herd sire with these genetics.   Selling Price $2500.00.
For additional information contact Richard Broker 910-464-5244 or email riveroakscattle.com.

Ankole products

Don Morgan advised us of this unique company.  Very interesting concept and use of horns.  A visit to their website tells their story.

“The more product I buy … the more I sell”
says Courtney Beachaump, store owner of Tiny Finch at the Pearl – San Antonio, TX

Courtney has been our go-to client, helping us test the market with new products and prices. She has increasingly invested in Ankole, placing larger orders every 2-3 months. She tries to represent the line fully with 3-5 pieces of each item on display. The Tiny Finch is known for having Ankole in stock so they have repeat customers who buy for themselves and for gifting! “Our customers love the story!”

Keys to Success:

#1-Train sales staff to tell the Ankole story

#2-Design a full table around the ANKOLE line

#3-Invite us to come participate in an event at your store to bring awareness and draw attention to the line.



Mother Earth News Expo

 broker show 3
We have attached some pics of our exhibit at the 2018 Mother Earth News Expo in Asheville, NC. We had a steady stream of people for two days asking questions, taking pictures and just admiring the majestic Watusi cattle. Our goal was to promote the breed and I believe that was accomplished. Our exhibit was recognized as best booth in the livestock exhibits. We have been invited back again next year and the entire family is looking forward to the trip. We have also been invited to the South Carolina State Fair in 2018 but have not made a decision on that event at this time. Thanks to everyone in the association that made this expo very special.
Richard L. Broker
River Oaks Cattle Co., http://riveroakscattle.com
Robbins, NC  910-464-5244
broker show2

Foundation Pure Bulls For Sale

JHF KY COLONEL, WWAFP2805 born April 20, 2008 by JHF Orambo Thunder out of JHF Barbie
2017 unregistered bull calf, Titan by JHF Colonel out of Bar G Spotted Tanza
2017 unregistered bull calf, Titan by JHF Colonel out of Bar G Spotted Tanza

I am looking to move out my  foundation pure older bull, JHF KY Colonel WWA FP2805, and my foundation pure young calf born last year. The bull is a proven breeder and is in good health. He has bred all of our cows every year and all calves have been healthy. He has a great gentle temperament and very easy to work around. He is 10 years old. The bull calf was born last January. Adult Bull is registered, young bull is able to be registered and will come with the registration application, his sire is JHF KY Colonel, WWA FP2805, dam is Bar G Spotted Tanza, WWAFP2080. We are asking for $5000 for the adult bull and the yearling $1500. If interested please contact Sarah Friedel at 240-566-6119. Thank you.

Sarah Friedel
Corporate Collections Manager and Registrar
General Curator
Virginia Safari Park
229 Safari Lane
Natural Bridge, VA 24578
(540) 291-3205 ext. 108
(240) 566-6119

Auction Report – Macon, Missouri and Sycamore Springs Ranch, Oklahoma

Native Pure cow 'Firefly' Native Pure cow sold at Macon sale
Native Pure cow ‘Firefly’ Native Pure cow sold at Macon sale`

The sale of watusi at the Lolli Bros. Exotic Sale was held in Macon, Missouri on April 12, 2018.  A total of 43 head of registered watusi were offered, 4 percentage animals and an additional 9 head of grade animals.
Top Selling Foundation Pure cow:
RR Daisy $6500
Top Selling Foundation Pure Bull: $2700
Bar G Candy Man (top bid on a Foundation Pure bull was $8100.00 for BWS Redman, no sale)
Top Selling Foundation Pure Heifer $5,000, Holy Smoke
Top Selling Native pure cow:  $2700 Firefly
Top Selling Native pure bull $2500 Buster
Top Selling Native pure heifer: $3000 Lucy
Top Selling Foundation Steer $1650
(Top Bid Steer: $4900 No sale – Hocher)

Foundation Pure Heifers:Prices ranged from $5,000-$1250
Foundation Pure Bulls :$2700-1200
Foundation Pure cows $6500- $2750
Foundation Pure Bull calves $1650-$500
Foundation Pure steers $1650-450

Native Pure Heifers $3000-$1250
Native Pure Bulls $2500-$1100
Native Pure Cows $2700
Native Pure steers $4900NS- $300
Native Pure Heifer calves $1600-500
Native Pure Bull calves $ 975
Percentage Animals $1100-650
Grade watusi $1400-450


There was an exotic sale at the Sycamore Springs Ranch in Locust Grove, Oklahoma on April 21, 2018 which offered 6 grade watusi.  The prices realized were pretty good for grade animals in a small sale.  We hope that in the future more animals and registered stock will be offered at this facility.

6 grade Watusi sold.
1 – 3 yr old mean black bull $950
1 – 2 year old nice black heifer $1500
2 – 1 year old red heifers around $700
1 – 3 year old red cow bred to Longhorn bull $850
1 – 1 year old black bull $460

We thank Garett Judd and Blake Edwards for this submission.

Show schedule

it is never too early to start planning for the fall show season.   Plan on which animals you plan on showing and mark the dates on your calendar.  Show books may not yet be online, but you can contact the WWA showperson for information.

Show is on September 3, 2018.. Entry deadline is August 1, 2018

Contact:  Duane Gilbert, 435-749-9334

Show is on Friday September 15, 2018.  Entry deadline August 15, 2018

Contact:  Vernon Base, 620-747-0798

Show is on September 28, 2018.  Entry deadline is September 1, 2018

Contact:  Brian or Cindy Sims, (405) 200-6339 or (405) 664-4278

Want to be a Rancher? by Darol Dickinson

Darol Dickinaon of DCCI Ranch in Barnsville, Ohio is a longtime cattle breeder, including watusi .  Although he specializes in Longhorn cattle, his expertise is universal.

At first light Joel Dickinson checks the calving pastures. Jest Respect by Hunts Command Respect, out of Jester, had given birth to an AI Drag Iron speckled calf during the night and erroneously birthed it into a few inches of fresh rain water, causing prompt drowning.

Following a serious discussion over possession with the mother, Joel took the dead calf up hill to higher dry-ground where the cow continued to lick, bond, love, and try to revive the calf.

After the mother has cleaned her calf, and is certain of the natural scent. After another
encounter, Joel took the calf away from the mother. This is how serious ranch management works to be thrifty and immediate with each crisis.

The drown calf is carefully skinned down the legs. The complete tail and crotch
is retained intact.

A waiting calf, whose mother had udder complications, received the pretty speckled hide. It is tied with hay strings around the legs and neck, secure enough attachment for a day or so.

The new covering is ready to receive loving adoption. The calf wants a better mother and the cow knows exactly what her own calf smells like.

An Ohio Spring blizzard is hitting the area. Wind and snow make this job even harder. Joel chauffeurs the bewildered calf to the west end of the ranch. This Honda does not have a heater installed.

This pasture is several hundred acres so the cow is walking all over hunting her calf.

The cow is located. Joel utters a calf bawling sound and here comes the mother. (He has done this before.) She is still mad about Joel stealing her calf in the first place. She holds a grudge.

The snow flurry increases, but love at first “smell” does the trick. The family is bonded in less than a minute.

Her udder is full of warm unpasteurized, “real” nutritious milk. Happy days are ahead. New life goes forward. Birth is fragile.


Joel is back at the barn thawing out for the next pasture checks. About 10 to 18 calves are born per day at this time of year. We wish all the government employees who are on the Animal Care Board a pleasant day enjoying a warm office. If per chance they want to check on ranchers who may not care for their stock, as the city folks think they should, come out to the ranch, you can be skinned, attached to a coyote and released to go home. The Animal Care Board is another government total insult to farmers and ranchers.

Come to Ohio and see the great new calves in about a month. It is a labor of love you will understand and want to be a part of.  DD

Dickinson Cattle Co., LLC


Don’t forget that this is the week for the Macon, Missouri exotic animal sale and the World Watusi Association Spring Fling.

The Spring Fling is on Wednesday evening, April 11, 2018 at 7:00 pm (we erroneously said 6:00 in previous posts) in the conference room of the Comfort Inn,  1817 North Missouri St.,  Macon, Missouri.  We will have a catered meal and our “Fun Auction” for fund raising.  Bring your donations and your checkbook.

The sale of cattle will be on Thursday April 12, there are a number of  very nice animals consigned.  Come early, stay late, bring your checkbook.  Representatives of the World Watusi Association will be on hand if you have any registration questions.

We will have a meeting of the Board of Director’s at 5:00 pm on Wednesday April 11 also at the Comfort Inn prior to the Spring Fling.  All members are, of course, welcome to attend.


The World Watusi Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of African Ankole- Watusi cattle.