Election to Board and 2014-2015 Officers

The results of the 2014 general membership election of board members resulted in Benton Ellis of Dallas, Texas; Jefferson  Voss of Oakland, Florida and Cindi Darling of Sparta, Missouri being re-elected for three year terms.  We want to thank all of our members who voted and all of the candidates who participated.  We also want to encourage any members who would like to be considered for the Board to make their wishes known.  There will be three positions available again in 2015.

In addition to the elected positions the Board of Directors voted to fill the vacated positions on the board for the remainder of the terms of Derrick Passey and Rodney Barnhart.  We want to thank these two for their service and will miss them.  Garett Judd of Edmunton, KY has been appointed to serve the one year remaining of Rodney’s term and Tom Ward of Norman, OK for the remaining two years of Derrick’s term.

Last, but certainly not least the new President for the 2014-2015 term is Pat Burnett of Wills Point, TX; Vice-President is Jeff Voss of Oakland, FL; Secretary is Pam Jackson of Water Valley, KY and Treasurer is Joy Rider of Highlandville, MO.  We look forward to a productive year with these fine people at the helm.  We also want to give a hearty thank you to Vernon Base and Richard Jackson for their great service.