2024 Scholarship Award

The WWA altered our Scholarship rules this year.  We normally offer one annual Scholarship for $1,000.00, this year however we were faced with a difficult decision.   We were presented with three very qualified individuals so thanks to the generosity of a donor we had $500.00 privately added to our fund and we choose to award three $500.00 Scholarships.  Our recipients are:   Brent Judd who will be attending Kentucky Auction Academy.  Brent has been involved with watusi for 10 years and has participated with the breed association during that time.   He hopes to acquaint more young people with the breed from his own animals and his future plans in the livestock industry through sale venues.:    Nathan Lanier is presently attending Appalachian State University.  He has been involved with raising and selling calves for many years and then became acquainted with the Watusi breed.  He became particularly fascinated with the variety of horns.  He feels that his youth is a benefit to marketing and wants to get more farmers involved.:  Our third recipient is Taysia Richens, she will be attending Utah State University with a plant based agricultural major.  Taysia’s family has been raising watusi all of her life so she is no new comer to the breed.  She looks forward to applying her horticulture education to improving the care and maintenance of the breed itself.  She has extensive experience in exhibiting, showing and promoting the breed in multiple venues and plans to continue benefiting the breed and the association.

Our Board of Director’s is very excited to see this level of enthusiasm and variety of directions these young people show.  We believe that these traits are the future of our Association and the continuation of this wonderful breed.

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