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New website feature

As most of you should be aware we recently upgraded our website to include a complete listing of all Watusi registered with the World Watusi Association.  Members in good standing can access this information at any time by clicking the link at the top of the homepage at watusi.org.  Now we are working on our next project.

We would like to make available as many photographs as possible for these registered animals.  As you know the registration process provides for photographs to be submitted, however, these are most often taken within the first year of life of the animal.  We would request that anyone with more updated photographs of their animals submit them to us and we will place them on your animal’s pedigree page.

Simply send in the photo, give us the animal’s name and if you have it the approximate date that the photo was taken so we can determine the age.  Needless to say most of these animals change significantly from birth to death, how they are represented it up to you.  This will include all animals, alive or deceased, the more the better.

If you have any questions please contact Cindi Darling at watusi@liarslake.com.


African Watusi

The photo was taken in 1998 or thereabouts within the Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda. At that time there were many such beautiful herds but they are increasingly rare outside the ranches of the Bahima elite. The majority are unable to continue to keep such herds because they are settled on small plots of land, with limited water and need to earn revenue for school fees and such like from milk. The majority are therefore cross breeding with exotic breeds to increase milk and meat production.


Mark Infield
Uganda: +256 794 698 723 
Uganda :+256 757 844 803
UK:+44 7950 969 635


A little piece of history from Darol Dickinson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

This is the first Full Watusi embryo Transplant born in North America.  It was 1980. Sire was Jimmy the Swede and the dam was a Rare Animal Survival cow.  Me on the left and embryologist Za Johnson on the right. This was at our lab at Calhan, Colorado.  This calf came at great cost in the early days of embryo transfer.  There were only a few.

Trip to Florida

One of our newer members is Don Morgan, Keystone Heights,  Florida.   Recently he took delivery of a shipment of animals from various farms, Heiken’s Ark, Des Moines, Iowa; Matt Moffat, Piedmont, OK; Black Walnut Springs, Highlandville, MO; Barry Retchloff, Rogersville, MO and Liar’s Lake, Sparta, MO.  Don has shared some photos of his beautiful animals with us.    CLICK THE PHOTOS TO MAKE THEM LARGER.  dmorgsups@aol.com 

WWA members Don Morgan and Joy Rider petting Don’s herdsire, BWS Popeye. DH Lightening and her 2012 heifer in background.

Does not know he is cattle…

WWA member Joy Rider of Black Walnut Springs farm in Highlandville, Missouri submitted this photo with the following caption:  “BWS Holy Cody is a 2011 model (by Sarah Serendipity and TW Booger).  This is the little guy I brought to your place at just a few days old that Dianna Rickard used in her petting zoo that season.  He’ll be one of my young herd sires for the 2014 breeding season IF we can convince him he’s a watusi.” This great young prospect has already been to five Watusi farms, Black Walnut Springs two times, Fantasy Corral in Woodville, Wisconsin, Matt Moffat of Piedmont, Oklahoma and Liar’s Lake in Sparta, Missouri and now Joy expects him to go to work.


Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody
Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody

They can be like big dogs

Matt and Laura Moffat of Piedmont, Oklahoma have only been in the Watusi world for the last two years.  They submitted some photos of a portion of their herd not only to brag, but also to exhibit the temperament that can be seen in Watusi.   They are raising their two daughters, Reese and Gentry Rose that they are raising right with the cattle and now they are working on number three of their own.  Our next generation of Watusi enthusiasts in the making. (Click photos to enlarge)

The Gilbert Family Business: Bar G Ranch

Located in the central area of the state of Utah around 150 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City is the small historic community of Castle Dale.  Nestled between  the Manti-La Sal National Forest and the Cedar Mountain Recreational Area this sparsely populated area of the state offers an abundance of natural beauty.  The area offers spectacular scenery including the Little Grand Canyon, Moab,  Sid’s Mountain and more.  Like other communities in this area known as Castle Country,  the major economic base is farming and livestock raising as well as coal mining.  The rugged natural beauty of this desert landscape blends well with the lifestyle of the rugged individuals that live there.

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