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Updates from the WWA

Well as the Holdiay season races forward we are all probably knee deep in preparations for the coming events.  We just wanted to update and remind our members of a few items.  Remember that our memberships run from January through December.  If you have not done so you might take this time to send your renewal into the office in Texas before you forget.

We want to welcome our newly elected Board Member, Derrick Passey of Raymond, Alberta,  Canada.  We will be introducing Derrick here at Watusicattle.com with a farm focus feature in the next few weeks.  We have posted multiple of his charming photos over the past few years here on the website.  You can search through the posts to see them.

The World Watusi Association would like to wish Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our members and enthusiasts.  Keep warm and safe.

Please don’t kick me…

Derrick Passey has updated us on Tax Day (at least there was some good news on April 15) to show us the heifer that he gave to his 7 year old son, Decker.    Decker is supposed to take care of this ten month old heifer to sell and raise money for his future education.  Derrick says that Decker was driving him crazy to get her in the barn so that was the night.  In this photo he is petting her with a broom “so he could keep his teeth.”

This nice heifer is out of Sarah Serendipity and TW Booger.

A heifer from Derrick Passey's herd
A heifer from Derrick Passey’s herd