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My steer my buddy

Sheri Gurr and her selfie with her steer Mojo
Sheri Gurr and her selfie with her steer Mojo

Sheri Gurr and her husband Randy are relatively new in the world of watusi, but have jumped in with both feet.  They have added many new faces to their farm Randy Gurr Watusi in Utah.

Then there is Mojo, Sheri’s steer.  Steers make wonderful ambassadors, pasture ornaments, conversation pieces and best friends.


Gurr Mojo hamming
Sheri Gurr and her buddy, Mojo.

Watusi breeder suspended

The Board of Directors of the World Watusi Association has suspended the membership privileges of North Texas Exotics known as NTE and Keith Fletcher of Sulphur Springs,Texas.   NTE also operates from Yuba City, CA.   No animals may be registered or transferred by these entities or anyone representing them.  Any animal currently registered or  purchased from these entities or associates will need to have WWA Board approval before registration or transfer is confirmed. If anyone has any questions, please contact a board member or the WWA Registrar.

Watusi in a variety of poses

Some people just casually own a bovine or two for meat or breeding, but  Barry an Kim Retchloff of Rogersville,  Missouri have taken their watusi inspiration to a whole new level.

When Black Walnut Spring and the Moffatts from Oklahoma went for a visit at the Retchloff, Rusted Rail Ranch  recently they sent in this note.    “Got a tour of their new home and barn. Super impressive and enjoyable. Most noticeable through my eyes was that the large Canadian built log home and 3 story barn was filled with watusi memorabilia, in particular just one watusi-HA Lance Fire.  Barry loved this bull (son of HA Ring of Fire) and it was obvious in how he incorporated it into their new home. Below are just a few examples but there are many more.   Not shown here are his truck grill, cut rock walk way, entry way gates and even down to the towel holders in some bathrooms, all custom made and patterned after Heikens Ark Lance Fire.”
The rock painting shown in the gallery below is painted on a rock by a Colorado artist commissioned by Kim as a surprise for Barry.





Trip to Florida

One of our newer members is Don Morgan, Keystone Heights,  Florida.   Recently he took delivery of a shipment of animals from various farms, Heiken’s Ark, Des Moines, Iowa; Matt Moffat, Piedmont, OK; Black Walnut Springs, Highlandville, MO; Barry Retchloff, Rogersville, MO and Liar’s Lake, Sparta, MO.  Don has shared some photos of his beautiful animals with us.    CLICK THE PHOTOS TO MAKE THEM LARGER. 

WWA members Don Morgan and Joy Rider petting Don’s herdsire, BWS Popeye. DH Lightening and her 2012 heifer in background.

Does not know he is cattle…

WWA member Joy Rider of Black Walnut Springs farm in Highlandville, Missouri submitted this photo with the following caption:  “BWS Holy Cody is a 2011 model (by Sarah Serendipity and TW Booger).  This is the little guy I brought to your place at just a few days old that Dianna Rickard used in her petting zoo that season.  He’ll be one of my young herd sires for the 2014 breeding season IF we can convince him he’s a watusi.” This great young prospect has already been to five Watusi farms, Black Walnut Springs two times, Fantasy Corral in Woodville, Wisconsin, Matt Moffat of Piedmont, Oklahoma and Liar’s Lake in Sparta, Missouri and now Joy expects him to go to work.


Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody
Joy Rider petting BWS Holy Cody

Tom Ward Steers

All too often we tend to forget that nature usually balances itself out and we have a basic 50/50 breakdown of the sexes.  Watusi breeders sometimes seem to forget that one of the most popular reasons that people buy watusi cattle is as a sort of decoration.  To this end we should all consider the alternative of steers.  Not all males can or should be herdsires, they don’t have to be dinner either.  Seeing what people like Tom Ward of Norman, Oklahoma have done with some of their excess males should open our eyes to one of these alternatives.




Judd’s Watusi

Garret Judd of Judd Watusi Farm in Edmondton, Kentucky shared some photos of his herd. Visit him online at

The current Judd Watusi Cattle herdsire
The current Judd Watusi Cattle herdsire