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My steer my buddy

Sheri Gurr and her selfie with her steer Mojo
Sheri Gurr and her selfie with her steer Mojo

Sheri Gurr and her husband Randy are relatively new in the world of watusi, but have jumped in with both feet.  They have added many new faces to their farm Randy Gurr Watusi in Utah.  http://www.rockingGwatusi.com

Then there is Mojo, Sheri’s steer.  Steers make wonderful ambassadors, pasture ornaments, conversation pieces and best friends.


Gurr Mojo hamming
Sheri Gurr and her buddy, Mojo.

Steers are beautiful as well

We all know that most animals produce around an equal number of males and females over time.  Because in breeding situations the number of males needed is exponentially less than females one solution is to steer some of those extra males.

Will Ross of Ross Ranch Horns in Brownsboro, Texas rossranchhorns.com submitted to us this information on his young steer, BWS Old Red.  This is a four year old steer with phenomenal growth and bloodlines.  Talk about a pasture ornament.

BWS Old Red 11-5-15


BWS Old Red Pedigree


BWS Old Red 10-7-15
BWS Old Red, WWAFP4015