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Judd’s Watusi

Garret Judd of Judd Watusi Farm in Edmondton, Kentucky shared some photos of his herd. Visit him online at http://www.juddwatusi.com/.

The current Judd Watusi Cattle herdsire
The current Judd Watusi Cattle herdsire

Percentage Watusi

Watusi are registered in multiple percentages from half blood up to foundation pure.  This example from Will Ross of Ross Ranch Horns shows off one of his newest 1/2 blood heifers out of one of his longhorn cows and the  foundation pure Watusi bull BWS Captain Butler.  Will calls his babies Long-tusi.  If you like color, percentage may be the way to go.

Contact Will Ross by email here or by visiting his website here.

Ross Ranch Horns "longtusi," a cross between a longhorn and a Watusi
Ross Ranch Horns “longtusi,” a cross between a longhorn and a Watusi

The Gilbert Family Business: Bar G Ranch

Located in the central area of the state of Utah around 150 miles Southeast of Salt Lake City is the small historic community of Castle Dale.  Nestled between  the Manti-La Sal National Forest and the Cedar Mountain Recreational Area this sparsely populated area of the state offers an abundance of natural beauty.  The area offers spectacular scenery including the Little Grand Canyon, Moab,  Sid’s Mountain and more.  Like other communities in this area known as Castle Country,  the major economic base is farming and livestock raising as well as coal mining.  The rugged natural beauty of this desert landscape blends well with the lifestyle of the rugged individuals that live there.

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A Death in the Family

I regret to inform everyone that Princess Hillary has passed away.  She died Friday 1-11-12 at 18 years and 2 months old at my place in East Texas.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with this great cow as she has calves from Texas to Canada and in between.  From what I’ve learned in my short time dealing with Watusi, I think it’s safe to say she positively impacted the breed with great magnitude.  Her last calf born was a heifer calf and is currently happily eating hay in my pasture.  It was a sad day at the ranch and she will be missed.  Her loud unique bellow will only be heard on YouTube from now on.  I hope all is well and that you’re all having a great new year.

Will Ross