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Fall Election Update

Our ballots are in the mail.  Please return to the CPA in the self addressed envelope.  We only received 3 nominees for this election, besides the incumbents that were running for re-election.  Two of the three new nominees were not eligible to run as they had not been active members for two years, we are hoping they will try next fall.  This only left us with three candidates, Brian Sims of Seminole, Oklahoma; Pat Burnett of Wills Point, Texas and Garett Judd of Edmunton, Kentucky.  In addition to your ballot on the election we have enclosed a proposed By-Law change regarding the issue of elections when we only have the number of candidates running equilavent to the open positions.  Please include your vote on this matter and return it with your ballot. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any Board Members.  Results will be announced at our Fall membership meeting On September 21, 2022, in Macon, Missouri.

We had an unfilled opening in this cycle as Matt Moffatt of Piedmont, Oklahoma choose not to run for another term due to time constraints.  Matt has been a valuable member of our Association and Board of Directors for many years and will be greatly missed.  Serving our Association is an unpaid volunteer position and we all wish to thank Matt for his service.

Elections for WWA Board of Directors

It is that time of year again when we decide on our Board of Directors for the World Watusi Association.   Each director serves a term of three years and then the position is available again for nomination and election.

This year the positions of Blake Edwards, Cindi Darling and Cory Cruellar are up.  Cory has had some life changes and regrets that he will not be able to serve another term at this time so his term will expire in September of this year.  We have all been fortunate to have Cory with his knowledge and good sense to share with the Association and wish him the best.  Blake and Cindi have agreed to run again.   The nominating committee for this year is comprised of Garett Judd,  270-670-7787, garettjudd@yahoo.com; Pat Burnett, 903-288-3334, tpd106@hotmail.com; and Matt Moffat, 405-205-0435, MattMoffat@ymail.com.  Anyone that might be interested in running this year please contact one of these committee members.  Most of our Board meetings are conducted by teleconference and two in person meeting in Macon, Missouri in conjunction with the Lolli Bros. exotic sale.  We have attached our Questionnaire in this post for your use.   Candidate quest  

Nominations must be postmarked or received by email on or before July 1, 2020.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of the committee or the Board.

2016 – 2017 Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the results of our election for the Board of Director’s for the 2016 through 2017 year.  We are excited to welcome two new members to our Board, Sheri Gurr of Roosevelt, Utah and Matt Moffatt of Piedmont, Oklahoma.  Pat Burnett was reelected for another three year term.  We are all excited to start another year and look forward to further supporting our little association and these wonderful cattle.

In addition to the general election we have elected a new slate of officers for the 2016-2017 year.  Our new (re-elected) President is Pat Burnett of Wills Point, Texas; our new Vice President is Garett Judd of Edmonton, Kentucky; our new (re-elected) Secretary is Pam Jackson of Water Valley, Kentucky and our new Treasurer is Sheri Gurr of Roosevelt, Utah.

We want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our outgoing board member, Richard Jackson who has been an invaluable member of this association and board for many, many years.     We would also like to thank Joy Rider for serving as our Treasurer for the past few years.  We know our association will continue to depend on both of these valuable members for years to come

New Director

It is with regret that the Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of our Director Jeff Voss from Briley Farm in Oakland, Florida.  Jeff’s contributions to the Association with his tireless participation in our operations as well as his management of his herd of quality watusi cattle have greatly improved our Association.  Jeff is not leaving us or the cattle, but business interests are making it difficult for him to put as much time into this endeavor.  We want to thank him for everything he has done.

The Board has appointed for the balance of Jeff’s term Don Morgan from the CST Ranch in Keystone Heights, Florida.  Don can be reached by email at dmorgsupsi@aol.com, his phone number is 352-577-4149.  We want to welcome Don to the board and look forward to his vibrant participation.

Some gone, none forgotten

Some of the original members of the WWA. From left to right: Don Zavislan, Duane Gilbert, AC Parsons, Jurgen Schulz
Some of the original members of the WWA. From left to right: Don Zavislan, Duane Gilbert, AC Parsons, Jurgen Schulz

Part of the World Watusi Association Board of Directors in the 1990s.  From left to right:

Don Zavislan, one of the foremost breeders of Watusi cattle.  Don’s contribution to the breed and the Association can never be measured.   He is gone, but not forgotten.

Duane Gilbert (looking like a kid), has served in many positions for the Association including President.  Duane is presently on the Board of Directors.  Duane and his wife own and operate Bar G Ranch in Castle Dale, Utah.

AC Parsons owned and operated Texas Safari a large drive thru park.  AC raised many quality Foundation pure animals including TS Cody.  He is gone, but not forgotten.

Jurgen Schulz, whose grandfather and father are responsible for the original animals being exported from Africa.  Jurgen owned and operated Catskill Game Farm, famous for its contribution to the watusi breed.  Jurgen and his wife presently split their time between Texas and Costa Rica.