Fall Election Update

Our ballots are in the mail.  Please return to the CPA in the self addressed envelope.  We only received 3 nominees for this election, besides the incumbents that were running for re-election.  Two of the three new nominees were not eligible to run as they had not been active members for two years, we are hoping they will try next fall.  This only left us with three candidates, Brian Sims of Seminole, Oklahoma; Pat Burnett of Wills Point, Texas and Garett Judd of Edmunton, Kentucky.  In addition to your ballot on the election we have enclosed a proposed By-Law change regarding the issue of elections when we only have the number of candidates running equilavent to the open positions.  Please include your vote on this matter and return it with your ballot. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any Board Members.  Results will be announced at our Fall membership meeting On September 21, 2022, in Macon, Missouri.

We had an unfilled opening in this cycle as Matt Moffatt of Piedmont, Oklahoma choose not to run for another term due to time constraints.  Matt has been a valuable member of our Association and Board of Directors for many years and will be greatly missed.  Serving our Association is an unpaid volunteer position and we all wish to thank Matt for his service.