Semen from Titan Wolf

Watusi aficionados have watched and waited for a special bull that would add value to current genetics. Now Titan Wolf can do it. He adds all the color of Africa to a lateral horn spread (85.5″) clean into the next county. It may be time to start a serious AI Watusi program.

At Dickinson Cattle Co we are so pleased with the progeny of Titan, a one time special offer of half price on his semen is offered — just $25 per straw (USA only) for the month of May, minimum 10 straws, plus shipping. If you like these calves below, you  will want Titan.

For all the data, pedigree and more progeny check out Titan at

Dickinson Cattle Co, Barnesville, Ohio, raising original Watusi since 1979. Order semen by calling 740 758 5050.

2 thoughts on “Semen from Titan Wolf”

  1. Yes I agree there should be more options for available watusi semen. I have a phenomenal herd sire that is the total package of
    and a proven producer.
    I also have two bull calves this year that I am keeping to see how they develop to breed to some of my cows. If there was a market to sell watusi semen, I would have my bulls collected to share their great genetics with others.

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