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A little piece of history from Darol Dickinson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

From left: breeder Darol Dickinson, embryologist Za Johnson

This is the first Full Watusi embryo Transplant born in North America.  It was 1980. Sire was Jimmy the Swede and the dam was a Rare Animal Survival cow.  Me on the left and embryologist Za Johnson on the right. This was at our lab at Calhan, Colorado.  This calf came at great cost in the early days of embryo transfer.  There were only a few.

The Saga of the Watusi Cattle

Editor’s note: The following article is the tale of shipping the first Watusi cattle ever exported off of the African continent. This account has been narrated on tape by Walter Schulz, the father of Jurgen Schulz, one the directors of the WWA and former president of the organization. This tape was recorded in 1987 when Walter was 85 years of age and was transcribed by Maureen Neidhardt. The story as told from memory by Walter Schulz. Reprinted with permission from Watusi World, Spring 1987.

As far as the records show the 42 head, 14 bulls and 28 cows, shipped by the Schulz family in 1929 and 1930 together with 6 animals exported in 1939 form the genealogical ancestors of all of the Foundation Pure Watusi cattle in Europe, England, Sweden, Australia, Canada, the U.S. and anywhere else that they exist outside of Africa.

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