New events

There are several new events to report on as a result of our Spring Fling at Macon and our most recent meeting of the Board of Directors.

Fund raising is a constant and necessary to all organizations and is particularly urgent for small groups such as ours.  We held a very successful ‘Fun Auction’ at our get together  bringing in  close to $2000.00.  This is a great boost to our bottom line but the more the better.

The Board of Director’s has decided to produce a new T-Shirt which will include advertising from our members or other enthusiasts.  The back of the shirt will include a large center ad surrounded by 12 small approximately business card size ads with a brand or logo and one line of text.

FROM THE OFFICE:  WWA is taking bids on a picture of an animal with two line text to go on the back of new t-shirts.  These bids will begin at $205. Also, there will be approximately 12 ads/ brands with one line text sold for $30 a piece to go around the picture on the back of the t-shirt. 

Bids for the picture have to turned in to Robin Hancock, Registrar, by June 15.  Ads/Brands Graphics have to be e-mailed to Robin by July 1.  T-shirts will cost $15, $12 for hats and $10 for bag.  Robin’s e-mail address is  and the phone number is 254-797-3032

Please help us get the word around and tell your family, friends and neighbors as they do not have to be a WWA member to put an ad/brand on the back of the shirt.

Now let’s get these bids rolling to have your animal on this t-shirt as only one will go on the t-shirt back.  Also, place your ads/brands on these new t-shirts.  Space will be limited.  While you are doing this, remember to order your t-shirts for yourself, workers, family, friends and for gifts for Christmas or Birthdays. 

Thanks for your quick responses to Robin.

Pam Jackson