Trade or buy cattle

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Years ago we had a board member, Gersh Lundberg.  He began breeding watusi and was hooked.  Through the years he has moved across the country and yet still hauled his little herd with him.  Gersh was always interested in upswept horn and quality.  His original animals were native pure and he has not kept up his paperwork through the years.  He still has a small group of 9 head, but would like to outcross as all of his are very closely related.

Per Gersh, “Thank you for the info.  Not sure I want to go back into registration.  I had hoped the WWA had abandoned the purity thing, and was willing to let the animals stand on their own merits.  But I do understand the underlying motivation.

Right now I am happy with my small herd, except that…

1)  They are all closely related.  That isn’t necessarily a problem, unless there are bad recessive genes, which I haven’t seen in my herd.

2) I still love tall-horned.”

To this end he would love to trade a few animals or purchase some that are not outrageously priced.  Gersh can be contacted at: