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New help from new members

We are pleased to announce that we have volunteers that are taking over programs for the Association.  We have many new, young members and are hoping that their energy and enthusiasm will be infectious.

BSW bull calf

Rachael Moore of Cameron, Missouri has taken on the job of producing a newsletter for the association.   Any personal story or bragging to be done about your livestock or just something that might catch your interest could be shared with our members through the newsletter and this website.  If you have any contributions or photos or stories feel free to contact Rachel at 816-645-7461 or rlmoore091011@gmail.com.


A small organization like ours can always use more help in fund-raising, and our new volunteer Lissa Pabst of Hotchkiss, Colorado is up to the task! Any suggestions that you might have for fund raising can be run past Lissa. We have promotional items for sale at the WWA office in Texas. Lissa may be contacted at 970-201-5525 tractorlas@gmail.com.