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Update on new rule changes

We previously reported that in our September, 2015 meeting the Board of Directors of the World Watusi Association approved a new hardship registration program for female percentage animals.  This has been a very successful program and many previously lost animals have been added to our breeding pool.

For a period of one year from September 23, 2015 through September 22, 2016 in an attempt to recognize animals that have been lost to the registry the World Watusi Association is offering a special category for the Hardship of mature female percentage animals. During this period a non-refundable $100.00 hardship fee, three (3) photos one each from the left side, right side and the front shall be submitted to the Registrar together with an application as complete as possible including the best estimate of the age of the animal and any known information. The animal will be accepted or rejected for registration based upon the ruling of the entire Board of Directors. The Board shall rule in the following categories: 1) Native Pure 2) ¾ Blood 3) ½ Blood or 4) Not a Watusi. Registration fee shall be $25.00 on animals accepted by the board.
After acceptance and registration of females, calves of the hardship female under the age of 12 months will be eligible for registration under the regular rules in Section 4 and 5.1 of Rules. Prior calves over 12 months of age shall be subject to the hardship rules herein.


  1.  Complete the existing Registration Application as much as possible.
  2. Provide three (3) photos of the animal for whom the application is submitted.  These photos may be submitted by email or by mail.  The poses are to be one from each side and the front of the animal.
  3.  Please provide as much information as possible.  On a separate paper please state where and when was the animal obtained?  Name and address of seller, name and address of breeder if available,   Any information provided when animal was purchased.  Any photos and/or information on the sire and dam.

Not having any information on the background of the animal submitted for hardship registration does not disqualify it from consideration, but will aid the Board in making a decision.

More Watusi History

Editor’s note: Recently Darol Dickinson and Maureen Neidhardt exchanged some information on Facebook about the history of the WWA and Watusi cattle.  We are reposting this here to share with others interested in Watusi Cattle.

Darol: In the early days of WWA everyone was encouraged to do the Watusi breed up program, mostly with Watusi bulls bred to Texas Longhorn cows. People raised half Watusi, then 3/4, then on up to a high percent Watusi. This created the greatest boom in the Watusi industry. In 1979 when we bought 15 Watusi from Rare Animal Survival Center in Ocala, FL, it was thought there were less than 50 original bloodline Watusi in North America. Many of these were owned by zoos. Nelson Rockefeller and I both bought cattle from RASC about the same time. He got 3 cows and a bull. The rest were in zoos.

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