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For Sale – 2 Foundation Heifers, 1 steer

BREAKING NEWS, 2-16-16:  Both heifers have been sold only the steer remains.


From Derrick Passey of Dead Broke Ranch in Canada we have a rare offer for sale. Contact Derrick at 403-330-6767 or dpassey2015@gmail.com.403-330-6767

“I’ve never been able to sell anything in a high market in my life, lol. I’m contemplating selling these two great heifers and a young trophy steer. The only time I can make a trip south is in April. It generally takes about a month to get all the testing done.

I’ll haul as far as Utah for free and will deliver the rest of the way for fuel.

Rarely are females with these pedigrees come up for sale.

Full sisters on the right and the steer on the right
Full sisters on the right and the steer on the left
DBR Miss Hottie
DBR Miss Hottie has very close to 20″ bases right now. We haven’t measured her yet but she’s very close if not more.
DBR JB Jaques
Sire JB Jaques (Diego) and a their grand dam DBR Wynonna (much younger)

3 year old DBR Miss Hottie $6500USD
2 year old DBR Sweet Cheyenne $6500 USD
3 year old Trophy steer out of DBR Miss Valentine. $3000 USD
They were exposed to BWS Mr Perfect for 4 months. We have not preg checked and selling as open.”

BR Steer out of DBR Miss Valentine
BR Steer out of DBR Miss Valentine