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Spring Fling Reminder

Just a quick reminder to all of our members and other Watusi enthusiasts.  The WWA will have its annual Spring Fling get-together on Wednesday evening, April 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm in the conference room of the Comfort Inn,  1817 North Missouri St.,  Macon, Missouri.  This is a great opportunity to share your stories, photos, brochures, animals for sale and such with others.  We will have a meal catered by Noland’s in Macon and will offer our Fun Auction fund raiser.

We will accept all donated items for our auction and usually receive many fun items such as skulls, artwork, food items, hot sauce, candy, local items from your home state, your imagination is your limit.  We often have African items and Watusi related materials.

Any questions of items that are of interest can be discussed.  Any suggestions to help our association run more favorably are welcome.

Watusi animals will be at auction on Thursday, April 12 so bring your checkbooks.  This year the WWA is offering a free membership to any first time buyer purchasing a registered animal at this sale.



As you know your Association operates a website located at www.watusi.org. We routinely post information, photos and such about the Association and watusi cattle. We are embarking on an exciting new upgrade to our site. When finished we will have available our complete ‘Herd Book’ of pedigree records online in a searchable format. This is where our membership enters the picture. Firstly we are offering to publish a membership list online. We want to recognize your input and privacy so we ask that all of you advise the office of your desire to be included or your wish to not be shown.

In the pedigrees the breeder will show, which will include name, city and state. We also have this same information available for current owner as shown on the certificate of registration. If you desire to have more contact information to be shown please indicate on the attached form and return to the office. All non-responses will be considered opt out decisions. The second item we need your assistance with is our photograph project. The registration certificates contain photographs of the animal, however, most of these are as calves. We would like to be able to link as many adult photographs as possible to these pedigrees.   If you would like to participate please send your photograph (s) to our office watusicattle@outlook.com. Please identify the animal in the photograph.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­TO THE WORLD WATUSI ASSOCIATION: Please print out this form, complete and initial your response and send to office.


I would like to opt out of participation in our online membership list. Do not post any personal information. ­­_______________________

I wish to participate in the online membership list. Please list indicated items. _______________

Name: ____________________________   
Membership # ____________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone # ____________________________

Cell Phone: #__________________________________

URL (Website) _____________________________

Email address: __________________________

Farm/Ranch Name: __________________________________________________

Any other information you would like listed: ________________________________________________________________________


Another member lost


From Angie Base:  February 16, 2016

We lost one of our WWA members Friday to cancer. Barbara Britton whose husband was Wayne until his passing a few years ago, lost her battle. She fought long and hard and kept her Watusi until the end. Others helped her feed and such, but she always said she wouldn’t part with them until she died. It was important to her, not only because she enjoyed them so much, but also because they had meant so much to her dear husband, Wayne. She promised him she would keep them in his honor and she kept her promises. Barb was a very dedicated and extremely hard working lady who even kept showing her Watusi at the shows when she had to do it all herself and then after Wayne passed. The last few years she had to stop traveling as her cancer was making it an impossibility for her, even with help from others and her family. She promoted the breed all through the years with dignity and conviction and we will miss her. A fond farewell.

Barbara Britton

Barbara and Wayne Britton showing off their bull and their shirts.
Barbara and Wayne Britton showing off their bull and their shirts.
Barbara and Ace in the ring