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As you know your Association operates a website located at www.watusi.org. We routinely post information, photos and such about the Association and watusi cattle. We are embarking on an exciting new upgrade to our site. When finished we will have available our complete ‘Herd Book’ of pedigree records online in a searchable format. This is where our membership enters the picture. Firstly we are offering to publish a membership list online. We want to recognize your input and privacy so we ask that all of you advise the office of your desire to be included or your wish to not be shown.

In the pedigrees the breeder will show, which will include name, city and state. We also have this same information available for current owner as shown on the certificate of registration. If you desire to have more contact information to be shown please indicate on the attached form and return to the office. All non-responses will be considered opt out decisions. The second item we need your assistance with is our photograph project. The registration certificates contain photographs of the animal, however, most of these are as calves. We would like to be able to link as many adult photographs as possible to these pedigrees.   If you would like to participate please send your photograph (s) to our office watusicattle@outlook.com. Please identify the animal in the photograph.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­TO THE WORLD WATUSI ASSOCIATION: Please print out this form, complete and initial your response and send to office.


I would like to opt out of participation in our online membership list. Do not post any personal information. ­­_______________________

I wish to participate in the online membership list. Please list indicated items. _______________

Name: ____________________________   
Membership # ____________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone # ____________________________

Cell Phone: #__________________________________

URL (Website) _____________________________

Email address: __________________________

Farm/Ranch Name: __________________________________________________

Any other information you would like listed: ________________________________________________________________________


New Director

It is with regret that the Board of Directors has accepted the resignation of our Director Jeff Voss from Briley Farm in Oakland, Florida.  Jeff’s contributions to the Association with his tireless participation in our operations as well as his management of his herd of quality watusi cattle have greatly improved our Association.  Jeff is not leaving us or the cattle, but business interests are making it difficult for him to put as much time into this endeavor.  We want to thank him for everything he has done.

The Board has appointed for the balance of Jeff’s term Don Morgan from the CST Ranch in Keystone Heights, Florida.  Don can be reached by email at dmorgsupsi@aol.com, his phone number is 352-577-4149.  We want to welcome Don to the board and look forward to his vibrant participation.

Registration changes

The rules and regulations of the World Watusi Association have provided from the beginning that all animals registered must be permanently identified either by freeze brand, hot brand or ear tattoo.  As many display their animals the brands have not been used in many areas.  The Board of Directors has determined that the ear tatoo is too difficult to read in adult animals.  For these reasons it has been decided to remove the rule for permanent identification at this time.  Photos  delineating the markings on the hide and shape of horns are alternatives to these methods as well as a documented ear tag system.  It is the breeder’s responsibility to keep proper records of breedings, births and sales.  Some of our members have started DNA analysis of their livestock, which would solve any potential future disputes.  It is not a requirement at this time, but it is encouraged as a practice.

Fall 2015 Annual Membership meeting

Garrett Judd is notifying all of us of the plans he has arranged for our Fall, 2015 membership meeting.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 7:00pm in the meeting room inside the Comfort Inn, in Macon, Missouri.

The Sale is scheduled for Thursday September 24.

Garrett’s message points out that we are hosting our Fun Auction again.  Any and all donations are needed and welcome.  If you know that you are coming and if you have any donation for the auction please let Pam know at the office.  See you in September.


On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 4:46 PM, <garettjudd@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello to All,
Just thought I would run this by everyone again about the fall meeting and sale as its just around the corner.I have the meeting room at the Comfort Inn reserved for the meeting, gathering and fun auction for the Wednesday night(9/23/15) prior to the sale on Thursday. It will be in the same location as it was this past April. Also Nolands catering will be serving the food. Will need to decide on what we want him to serve closer to date and a approx amount expected to attend.I have already approved this by Pat prior to planning this awhile back. Just thought I would run this back by everybody again. Also if anybody has any ideas or donations to help the Association raise money at this event they will greatly be appreciated. Also it would be great to have it on our website and shared around to help with the attendance.     Thanks

Judd Watusi Farm

Promotional items available

Looking for a snazzy way to promote this great breed? The World Watusi Association offers a variety of apparel items for sale! Shirts, hoodies, hats, jackets, and a tote bag, oh my!

To purchase, please contact Robin at the office (254)  797-3032 or info@watusi.orgPrices shown do not include shipping charges.

News tidbits…

Here we are marching through spring already, my how time flies.  There are only two weeks left to submit your bid for the center place on our promotional TShirts or to arrange for one of the smaller spots surrounding the big ad.  Please contact Robin at the office in Texas 254-797-3032 or at Watusicattle@outlook.com.

Also if all members could take a moment to update your membership records to include any email,  cell phone and URL addresses.  You can send this information to our Secretary, Pam at rpjackson@wk.net.

More to come.





More Spring Fling

We had active participation in our Spring Fling for dinner and our fun auction.  We were thrilled to actually meet our Registrar, Robin Hancock and her husband.  We had several newer members there such as The Deline family from Michigan and the Edward’s family from Oklahoma.  A good time was had by all and as always we enjoyed the great food from Nolands Catering.  We want once again to thank the Comfort Inn in Macon from donating the meeting room it was greatly appreciated.